Creative Engineer

By Day I work at Cipher Prime, Philadelphia's most Philly game studio.

I started Cipher Prime with Dain Saint over 10 years ago. Since then, it has helped me achieve so many dreams. We've recieved an Apple Hall of Fame Award, Communication Arts Distinction, and quite a few other accolades. I've even had the honor of being in publications like the Inquirer, Wired Magazine, Kotaku, Ars Technica, etc. Someone even let me put a game on a PS4.

By Night, I'm a passionate creator just waiting to backflip into your heart.


Ever since I was a 13 year old tot, developing has been one of my biggest hobbies. Throwing code around has allowed me to create unique experiences that I couldn't create any other way like our recent art show We've Traveled So Far.


I once thought that design was tied directly to graphic design (whoops). Now, I subscribe to the theory that design is in all things. So, I created Stupid Desk to show anyone that they might have a little ‘designer’ in them.


In recent years, I was fortunate to co-found Philly Game Mechanics, a local organization that helps foster creation. I was even the Creative Director of the Philly Geek Awards there for a few years.

We have a wonderful community in this city and it deserves all the kudos it can get.